the joy of 12

After suffering a miscarriage on my birthday in 2003, I had no idea the joy I would feel just a few months later when we found out we were due with our next child, on my birthday of 2004.

And I had no idea the greater joy I would feel on August 18, 2004 when little Emily Lauren decided to make her appearance a week early.

Our middle daughter, with the biggest heart so fragile I’d swear it was made of paper thin glass. Our girl who lights up the room with her infectious giggles and jokes and stories. The girl who talks endlessly about all things, serious and silly. Our rainbow baby Em. I don’t ever know if she’ll ever understand the magnitude of joy and healing she brought me.

Last year one of her teachers sent home a homework assignment for the parents… to write a bio on your child. Mine read:

Emily is our third of four children, and she sits in the middle of our three girls. She was born on August 18 at 3:19 weighing in at 9 pounds, 13 ounces.

She was our biggest child at birth, and we know it was because she was born with the biggest heart. Emily is a very sensitive, emotional child.  She will love you to pieces given the chance. But her big heart also puts her at risk of the biggest heartbreak over the smallest things. 
Emily is the true definition of a middle child. She finds creative ways to stand out, she is very loyal, and she is the great negotiator. She will make sure all is fair and just in the family. She will be the first to crack a joke and the last one giggling over it. She is creative in art and music and loves to read. Often I will walk into her room at night and find her asleep on top of her book with her glasses still on. 
She is very passionate about things she believes in, and will give it 110% effort. Emily is very smart, but lacks the confidence she needs to embrace that gift. She self doubts way too much right now, but I know some day she will go on to do big things. Her eyes light up when she does accomplish the tasks she thought she couldn’t, and they darken with determination when she sets her mind to something. Her thirst for learning is unquenchable.
Emily keeps us on our toes, rounds out our family, and loves more than most.

Happy 12th Birthday Sweetheart!
Love you bunches and bunches ❤️

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